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Some changes

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Recent Changes That rotating image widget on the right column is gone. I moved all my pictures to Pictures page. I got the javascript lightbox effect working on that page. All my venting/commenting on Burma’s current affairs now goes to Burma page.  I put up the RSS widget to Word Spy. I just thought it’s […]

Algorithm to generate tag clouds

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I was talking to a friend who’s trying to figure out a formula for generating tag cloud. The purpose of a tag cloud is to convey the extent of relevance of a tag among all other tags being used. Trying to display the frequency of tags sounds easy but there are different issues for different […]

Cyclone damage in Burma

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As you may have already heard, the damage is far more extensive than they originally estimated. 10,000 is quite far off from 350. I still haven’t got contact with my brother – which worries me but I think he should be okay. For now, if you want to help, please donate to ICRC and designate […]

Trulia Hindsight : Time lapsed map of residential development

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Trulia has this tool called Hindsight that lets you enter an address and watch how that area develops over time since 1800s.