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Netflix listens.

06.30.08 Posted in UI by

About 2 weeks ago, Netflix announced they were getting rid of user profiles. They said the reason was to make the site more simple to use for everyone and they observed : Too many members found the feature difficult to understand and cumbersome I had my account set up with 2 profiles for a while […]

Introducing LagoMorph : New author

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Since I’ve been completely crushed under the stress of getting my spec done for the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to post anything new lately.  And opportunity presented itself for me to make sure my fledging blog not die from lack of updated content. I got into a very long discussion/argument with LagoMorph […]

Call-Your-Kids Search

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The people who need human-powered help aren’t people like me, they’re people like my mom.

If Mahalo could get their name out as the site where you send your parents when they want to get a copy of their credit report without getting hit with $75 of nearly-fraudulent charges, they would get dozens and dozens of older eyeballs.