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Things Google knows

12.24.08 Posted in Technology by

Gmail What stores I shop at and how much I spend at each What credit cards I have/Which banks I use Who my friends are When I will not be home (from my flight confirmation emails) How much I spend on gifts and for whom Any social network acct I have and access to them […]

Post from Cooper Journal: Designing time to think

12.11.08 Posted in General, UI by

I selected the part of the original post that I consider more relevant to everyone rather than the latter part which is more relevant to me as an interaction designer. An insightful post and I should at least attempt to listen to the talk that sparked this blog post. I’m not good with listening to […]

Tyler Cohen's take on time management

12.10.08 Posted in General by

Tyler Cohen has smart things to say about time management and he summed it up in one sentence. At first reading, I didn’t quite get it. But after reading it again, I got it. If you are not managing your time well and wasting time, that is because you are doing what you want to […]

Link of the moment : Seth Godin's The making chasm

12.05.08 Posted in General by

Since I am one of the people who fits into the category of  ‘wish to experience a lot of things but too lazy to do anything.’ 🙂

Link of the moment : From Flowing Data – Visualizar’08

12.02.08 Posted in Visualization by

I want to go to Visualizar’09! And not that I understand the data in the visualizations they mentioned, they are still very fascinating to look at. It’s fun to imagine what kind of real world applications you can apply these cutting edge visualization capabilities to. From the ones mentioned in the post here : […]

Interaction Designer or Dictator?

12.01.08 Posted in UI by

I hate ‘speak to me’ phone menus. Numbers and buttons are accurate and FAST. how long does it take to push a button? how long does it take to say ‘check my balance’? 3 more reasons why voice menus don’t work. 1. I have no privacy. I have to say it out LOUD into the […]