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Catholic Schools Long Service Leave Interstate Portability Agreement

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If a worker is entitled to the LSA, leave should be granted by the employer as soon as possible, taking into account the needs of the school or at a later date, which is favourable to employers and workers. Employees are entitled to 9.1 weeks of long period of service leave (LSL) after the completion of 7 years of continuous service in Catholic education in Victoria. Additional LSL rights will be acquired after January 28, 1996 for 1.3 weeks per year of service and until January 28, 1996 with 1.2 weeks per year of service. If a worker has completed both full-time and part-time service, the regular wage rate is calculated as a weighted average of the full-time equivalent (FTE) and is considered consistent during the long-term leave. The result will be a total ETP average. Long-term leave is paid at the normal rate (defined in Schedule 3, point 1) at the time of leave or termination. When the worker requests payment of an LSL payment under these provisions and begins under the four full school conditions required from the date of dismissal, the right to the LSL is recognized and the service to which he relates is considered permanent with the new employer. Each duration of the LSL is exclusively public holidays during holidays and annual holidays or school holidays. A worker can be credited for long-term services when an employee becomes ill with LSL and the illness is for more than seven days. The credit will be conditional on the employee providing satisfactory medical evidence and the delay will be considered personal leave. A worker may, at the time of dismissal, ask his employer to forego payment in recognition of LSL law, as long as this is the case; The right to a casual worker`s LSL is subject to the Long Service Leave Act 2018 (Vic) and not to the VCEMEA. If, after termination of employment, a worker returns to catholic training after October 2008, the LSL must be admitted for periods of at least one day.

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