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Learning Agreement Roma Tre

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If you intend to take Erasmus studies at Roma Tre, you must ensure that your university has officially communicated the appointment by e-mail to the European Student Mobility Studies Programme ( The online application form must then be completed. The application form must then be printed by the student via hepdesk, signed and sent to UPEMS. Once we have received the appointment of the university to which they belong, the student/ssa will receive confirmation of the acceptance by e-mail. Changes to the data in this call are communicated in a timely manner with references to the The application for participation is submitted exclusively electronically through before 2.04.2020 at 2 p.m. To access the online app, you need to enter the same username and password that allows you to access online services. The application is mandatory. If you need information on other types of existing inter-university agreements or agreements, Please contact: Link identify #identifier__75658-2International Policies Office Email Via Ostiense 159 – 00154 Rome Italy Tel: `39 06 5733 2404 Tel: `39 06 573 2139` to send a ticket per sending a copy of the following mandatory documents (please, in one piece): ISEE – Simplified benefits for the right to university education, which is taken into account in the definition of the contribution margin to which they are part for the calculation of the supplementary contribution, the value for the heading 2020-2021 is in accordance with the rates (see also the student portal > ISEE presentation If your institution is eligible for the Erasmus programme and you would like to sign an agreement with Roma Tre, please contact our link identifier #identifier__39351-1 Student Mobility in the EU Programme Office. When booking go online via the website It is necessary to make sure that you have valid health insurance in Italy (before departure, check if there is an agreement with the Italian state).

The results of your application can be verified online via the Erasmus Students staff page, which should be accessed in mid-May 2020 via the To be registered as an Erasmus student, it is necessary to send a copy of the following documents (in one appendix): In accordance with Article 13 of the decree-law of 30 June 2003, No. 196, we inform you that the personal data provided by the candidates and candidates are treated in accordance with the legal provisions relating to the protection of privacy. Information on the processing of personal data by the University of Roma Tre in accordance with EU Article 13 2016/679 will be published at Roma Tre enters into agreements with partner institutions under one of the following scenarios: Before you start writing the online application form, you need to verify that your career data is current and complete via your online reserved space (

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