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Prenuptial Agreements In Indiana

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A year of marriage is better designed than any regular contract. In addition, Indiana, along with other states, has introduced uniformity in this contract law by adopting a uniform version of the premart agreement law. If you have already been married, you can separate some elements from your new Union. A marriage deal is a good way to do it. If you have decided to postpone the marriage until you have been able to establish your career, you may also have accumulated a lot of wealth and you may want to have a marital agreement to get the Nestei you built. A marriage contract is a legal contract entered into by both parties before marriage. A marriage agreement can protect the property you own as an individual and keep them separated in a divorce action. This agreement may also include additional provisions for the division of matrimonial property, payment of support and legal fees. For this reason, for many couples who think about marriage, marital agreements are a point of conversation, although delicate. It is precisely in the case of a large age difference or the amount of money that a party can bring to the marriage that it must at least be taken into account deliberately, even if it is ultimately rejected. At Ciyou-Dixon, P.C. we can help you first analyze whether a marriage contract meets your needs and protects your interests now and in the future. To clarify matters, a marital agreement is sometimes referred to as an anti-marital or pre-marital agreement.

The execution of a marriage pact will help both parties in the event of divorce or death. It can streamline the process and help avoid litigation. However, a matrimonial agreement cannot be used to determine custody of children or assistance to children, which can be contentious in the event of divorce. If, for some reason, the marriage is annulled, the marriage agreement is also invalid. The agreement must be serious, so if a party has been forced or forced to sign the agreement, it can be invalid. A court may determine predictability on the basis of the above circumstances and when the agreement is signed. In addition, a matrimonial agreement cannot be applicable if the parties have agreed to amend or eliminate spousal support, and the terms of that amendment or removal will cause extreme hardship to an unknown spouse at the time of the agreement. Both parties to the agreement must be fully informed of the content of the agreement and retain their own lawyers before signing.

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