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Sample Client List Purchase Agreement

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2 CUSTOMER LIST PURCHASE AGREEMENT THIS CUSTOMER LIST PURCHASE AGREEMENT (Agreement) will be concluded from July 6, 2011 (effective date) by and between RICHARD PENNER (Seller) and S-W Seed Company, a Delaware company (buyer). Given the following conditions, agreements and conditions, the parties agree: 1. purchase and sale of the client list. The seller agrees to sell, transmit, sell, deliver and pursue the client list (installation) and the buyer agrees to buy and buy the customer list (installation) from the seller. 2. Buyer Due Diligence. The seller provided the buyer (his lawyer, accountant and other representatives) with all the information available to the seller regarding the client list and, without restriction, all the information requested by the buyer. Start of the effective date and continue for a satisfactory period for the buyer, but no more than the day the buyer pays the purchase price or accepts the possession of the client list (time of care). The buyer has the right to consult and approve all other documents relating to or in relation to the list of customers that the buyer reasonably wishes to verify.

3. Adoption of lia bilities. The buyer does not cover the seller`s debts, bonds, charges or other obligations. 4. The purchase price and payment of the purchase price; Evaluation and allocation of the purchase price after evaluation. In full payment and in return for the purchase of the asset, the buyer agrees to pay the seller 165,000 USD in cash (purchase price). Where this is reasonably feasible after closing (see below), the buyer must assess the client list and establish the non-compete agreement included (see section 8 below), based on the purchaser`s availability of a purchase price split between the two aspects of the agreement. 5. Closing. The financial statements are made on July 6, 2011 or later, as the parties agree on when the purchase price is distributed by the buyer to the seller and the seller delivers the client list to the buyer.

6. Confidentiality. The parties agree that the financial terms of this contract, including, but without restriction, are strictly confidential all information provided by the buyer to the seller. Neither party will knowingly publish or disclose the financial terms of this Agreement for any reason and without the prior written consent of the other party, nor will it knowingly authorize or authorize or authorize the publication or authorization of the purchaser as a reporting company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Notwithstanding the above, parties may provide information to their lawyer, personal tax advisor or, if necessary, their lawyer, personal tax advisor or lawyer. The parties agree, to the extent that the law does not prohibit it, to order those authorized to disclose disclosure under this Agreement that their terms are confidential and cannot be disclosed further. There is no provision in this section 6 to take into account the confidentiality agreements contained in this reciprocal confidentiality agreement between the parties in June 2010 regarding the clarification of the details of the parties, the product and the payment, the next step in the sales contract being a list of dispute resolution and settlement provisions.

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