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Tcode To Display Rebate Agreement

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The functionality of the Periods of Validity tab is unique to Vistex. It allows the user to view changes in the validity periods of the record displayed. Reference 2 is the contract number of the agreement that has been copied. The territorial level indicates the level of territory within a hierarchy when the territory is part of a hierarchy. Auth. Group dictates the group of people empowered to report an agreement or make changes. These groups are defined in basic data/configurations and selected at the time the contract is implemented. B. The payer must be marked as relevant to discounts in the Billing tab of the sales area The fields of the Dates tab are used to illustrate all date type information associated with the agreement.

Date types are assigned to contract types in the configuration, date information is included in an agreement based on this adaptation. The preview function of the agreement requirement allows the requirement to be changed before it is stored. Available in creation and modification mode after a model is assigned to the agreement. The Administration Data tab contains the management information for the agreement, z.B. Creation and editing information. In the chord configuration, there is a flag with the word “Program” that needs to be checked to use this feature. Programs behave like agreements, but are managed on different factory benches and are not taken into account in pricing. If the requirements of the agreement are displayed, the agreement can update revision numbers if it is configured for this.

For example, a marketing model for a particular product is defined. All agreements relating to this product must be initiated through this model. This process was managed by creating a single type of agreement and controlled by authorizations. In order to develop stricter controls, the programme agreement was established. If the creation of a new agreement and validity is changed from 01/01/20xx to 04/01/20xx and the validity is 12/31/20xx (same year as the Valids), this automatically changes the duration of the contract from 365 days to 275 days. Territories/territories indicate the actual territory or areas to which the Fund is linked. The Bundling Code is used in government pricing applications to aggregate existing contracts or agreements to calculate and determine the best price. The description identifies the description of the agreement (for example. B the conclusion of the sale, the promotion).

The button sends a user to a search screen to search for and view all documents from the Funds reserve. The agreement is a set of conditions that determine the final amount of the retro-compensation to be paid to the distributor. To check the terms and conditions of this agreement, click the button (pricing). The Review Type drop-down list is a fixed field associated with the status of an agreement request. Below are the ways to view the list of revisions: When you set up the discount agreement, you must first specify the following aspects: The button is used to check the work horse rules. This ensures that several agreements do not have the same rules for the same data. This can be configured as a warning or error. The test can be called if necessary or when registering. These groups are defined by a user in a working bank of a group of agreements and assigned at the time of contracting.

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