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Venue Hiring Agreement

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The opt-out exempts the owner from any damage to the staff or property managed by the owner. The tenant is responsible for bodily injury, legal fees and reputation suffered by the landlord in connection with the tenant`s use of the premises. On the other hand, the landlord should compensate the tenant for any losses he has suffered as a result of the non-provision of benefits or negligence of the landlord. The limitation of liability clause limits the owner`s liability in cases such as theft, death, injury, bodily injury to the property or tenants, except in cases of negligence of the owner. The landlord may also make a provision limiting his liability if the cancellation is made as a result of a breach of the tenant`s obligation. The cancellation clause defines the conditions under which the tenant can cancel his reservation. The terms, conditions of withdrawal and period of notice of such termination should be agreed by the Contracting Parties. The cancellation fees charged by the tenant must be expressly indicated in order to avoid any complications. Cancellation fees depend on the size of the event. Questions such as.B. whether cancellation fees are cashing if the event venue is rerouted after cancellation should be addressed in the contract.

The owner of the place may also set certain conditions under which he reserves the right to cancel the event at times when the tenant has not fulfilled these conditions. Provisions relating to postponements, changes to event times and changes to the event, such as.B. extension of the booking period, should be addressed in the clause. Additional payments incurred in these circumstances should be treated accordingly. A notice period in which the tenant should request the cancellation or postponement of the event should be agreed upon by the parties. The lease of the place relates exactly to the period for which the place is available to the tenant. The duration, departure time and end time of access to the meeting room must be indicated in order to avoid any ambiguity. The tenant may need time to make various preparations such as decorating the event. Therefore, it is important that this clause indicates the exact date from which the tenant can use the space.. .


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