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Walmart Online Supplier Agreement

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After deciding what type of provider you are, click on the registration link in the description of the corresponding provider. You will be redirected to the Global Supplier Management (GSM) platform to complete your registration. When you have all your legal ducks online, you`re ready to start the application process as a big-box supplier – a process that not only takes time, but can also be expensive. Another option is to test your product with Walmart online shoppers. Before trying to sell in-store, Walmart Marketplace is a good place to start for smaller suppliers. After waiting (and when you receive the invitation!), the last step to becoming a Walmart supplier is to accept the terms of the GSM supplier agreement. It is advisable to discuss the terms of the agreement with your buyer so that you have a clear understanding of Walmart`s expectations regarding payment terms, shipping terms, terms of sale, chemical information, return policies, etc. What is the difference between “new” and “existing” suppliers? Walmart only does business with suppliers who meet certain labor standards. This is what retailers demand from all wholesalers they work with: as a small or medium-sized supplier, however, there are things to consider before starting the application process.

For example, only contact Walmart if you`ve already proven yourself and a strong customer base. Your Walmart shopper doesn`t want you to count 100% on the company. Walmart sales should only contribute about 30% of your company`s revenue. This is a legal and binding contract for your business, so read it carefully. Retail Link is the system that Walmart and its supplier partners use to access and share important information such as sales, inventory, etc. Once you have done that, fill out the agreement. You will need your certificate of insurance, YOUR NIF and your D&B number. The first step is to make sure your business is ready to do business.

Walmart and other major retailers have supplier standards that must be met. Walmart suppliers must purchase product liability insurance, have their financial information in a reporting agency like Dun & Bradstreet, and have the correct Universal Product Code (UPC) identification numbers for all of their products. .

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