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Shopaholic Usurps The Iron Throne.

04.19.11 Posted in General, Rant by

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!NY Times writer, Ginia Bellafante, wrote this rather asinine and careless judgement on one of my favorite books and the new TV series, Game of Thrones. The true perversion, though, is the sense you get that all of this illicitness has […]

I have to fill up all this space!

12.31.10 Posted in General, Technology by

The problem with standard word processors and even “distraction-free writing” apps such as WriteRoom, OmmWriter, DarkRoom and QuietWrite is that they all give you a giant white space when you start out. It inevitably  invokes this daunting feeling of ‘I have to fill up all this space.’ What I really want is a dead simple word processor with a […]

Relentless Optimism : Essential ingredient for the success of a startup.

08.11.10 Posted in Startup by

From my exposure to many Techstars, YCombinator and Boston area startups, one personality trait I keep noticing among successful founders is optimism. They just seem to have this relentless optimism that normal people tend to lack. You need at least one person on your founding team who is relentlessly optimistic every single day!

What's Moah up to these days?

07.30.10 Posted in General by

I’m helping Alex Moore of Baydin to design a really awesome Email Game. It’s meant to help people who are not good with email but want to get better. It’s designed to make email less painful and more fun for people. It’s meant to help people (like me) who haven’t developed a good discipline to deal with the inbox overflow. It’s currently in Alpha and we’re getting great feedback and surprising emotional response to the game from our alpha testers. If you are one of those daring souls that love to play with pre-release software, follow @emailgame on twitter and let us know there. We will dm you with a link in a week or two.

Scobleized : Startup Visa and more

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You may have gotten to this blog from Scoble’s latest post. Here is the video of his interview. If you didn’t get here from his blog/video, I was at a Mentorship Mixer event last night and was interviewed by Scoble to talk about Startup Visa.

I wanted to add a few more context to the conversation on what I’m up to and why I’m supporting StartupVisa.

Translating JFDI. Data driven startups talk by David Cancel.

07.24.10 Posted in General by

Talking, Reading & Dreaming are all worthless. Just start DOING! or more closer to “Just F’ing Do It.” Hence, the post is titled “Translating JFDI”.

User Experience of Quitting a Gym

06.14.10 Posted in General by

I’m live posting the user experience of quitting a gym membership. First Part. I called the number listed on the card and said “Hi, I want to cancel my membership.” I was asked why I was leaving their gym and explained I’m no longer in their vicinity. Without explaining what’s going to happen next or […]

Navigating New York – Digital Way (Part Travelogue, Part Reviews, Part Tips and Lessons Learned)

05.24.10 Posted in General by

Image via Wikipedia This past weekend, I was in New York city with my sister and a friend. Here is how I found different digital means of navigating and enjoying the trip. This post is as much for you readers as it is for my digital archive.   A week ahead I logged into Intercontinental […]

Horizontal Attention Heat Map

04.27.10 Posted in General, UI by

Nielsen’s group recently published the results from an eye tracking study for user attention for horizontal dimension. Their main observation is Left half of any page gets 69% of viewing time and right half gets about 30%. Their recommendation is ‘Stick to the conventional Layout’ for the best results. Keep navigation all the way to […]

Finding Time to Read

04.17.10 Posted in General by

If you haven’t read a book in a while because you haven’t found any time to read in your busy schedule, try this one simple thing.

Read ten pages of a book you always wanted to read before you go to bed. Every day, read just ten pages.