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Link of the moment : Webware – Google revamps Street View interface

11.29.08 Posted in Technology, UI by Street View’s split screen, when it’s working. (Credit: Google)

Visualization of the moment : Visual Guide to Financial Crisis

11.25.08 Posted in Visualization by and  Wallstats collaborated on creating this visual guide to the Financial Crisis visualization.  It’s amazing whenever you find expertly done visualizations came from most random and unexpected sources. is a personal finance management program that I’m scared to give my financial information to. Who doesn’t like pretty flow charts? Have I mentioned I […]

Product Lust: Incipio's New Case

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People keep telling me I need a case for my iPhone. I probably should but I haven’t. And the second one is showing some cracks AGAIN.  So the question is should I get this? And no, I don’t put my phone into  rear jean pockets. Found on GeekSugar The Incipio Feather iPhone Case ($20) might […]

Tool Box : Balsamiq — post by Perfect Tuna

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I tried out this tool after reading Samantha LeVan’s post.  It’s super fast and all the alignment just happens. $79 is totally worth the money.  I plan to write my own review post on the tool soon. I’m always looking for new ways to sketch and wireframe my GUI ideas, searching for something quicker than […]

Tool Box: Webware – Feed Rinse

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This Webware coverage of  Feed Rinse caught my ever searching eyes for the best tools to improve my digital life. Google Reader is a huge part of my digital life and tools that will make it even more useful are at the top of my list. Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Feed Rinse is […]

Some Practical Advice For Getting Profitable

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Ted Rheingold at Dogster has a great post up titled 10 Tips for Building a Profitable Business.  My favorite is #4: Spend at least 50% of your time selling. Many technology companies assume if they built great product it will sell itself yet that almost never happens. Usually we’ve found that incorrect assumption is a […]

Oblong – Seeing Is Believing

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Shared by Alex HCI matters! At Foundry Group, we’ve been talking about human computer interaction (HCI) as one of our key investment themes.  Our premise behind HCI is that the way humans interact with computers is going to change radically over the next 20 years.  If you roll forward to 2028 and look back to […]


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Shared by Moah stunning. totally going on my wish list. 😛 Published by  Original source :…

Meet NYC's Most Expensive Apartment: $65 Million

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Shared by Moah wow, the things filthy rich people do. Pay 65M dollars and you don’t even get a yard or your own building. Are you freaking kidding us? The New York Observer: A 78th-floor penthouse at the Time Warner Center came on today for $65 million, which works out to a bewildering $7,831 per […]

Google Earth's ancient Roman holiday

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Google Earth's new layer of ancient Rome offers virtual tourists the chance to explore an ancient city at its peak. (Credit: Google) Google Earth is extending its satellite perspective to paint a picture of what the ancient city of Rome looked like nearly two millennia ago. While satellites weren’t around to give us a bird’s […]