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Relief From Old Building Syndrome: USB Gloves

11.08.08 Posted in Uncategorized by

If your office building is old (like mine), and you are nowhere near those old-school radiator heaters that line the walls (like me), and the windows are not exactly “double-paned” to keep the heat in (you know it), there’s a good chance you will be f-f-f-freezing come Winter. So what can you do, other than huddle by the heat of your desktop? Get some USB Heated Gloves, that’s what.

The good part about these USB gloves is the open fingers that will still allow you to type up that TPS report in no time, since there’s no fabric hindering your keystrokes.

Plus, you can heat each one individually (you know, in case your right hand is colder than your left) and connect them to your PS2 and Xbox 360 for toasty, warm gaming. And for only $25 bucks, they may even make a funny stocking stuffer for the zombie-handed female in your life! You know who I mean.

Oh, and for using your iPhone in the cold weather? Well, that’s when you pick up a pair of these classy gloves.

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