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Horizontal Attention Heat Map

04.27.10 Posted in General, UI by

Nielsen’s group recently published the results from an eye tracking study for user attention for horizontal dimension. Their main observation is Left half of any page gets 69% of viewing time and right half gets about 30%. Their recommendation is ‘Stick to the conventional Layout’ for the best results. Keep navigation all the way to […]

Recap from Product Camp Boston

03.11.09 Posted in General, Technology, Tool, UI by

With some randomness and last minute luck, I made it out to Product Camp Boston on Feb 28. The gracious hosts at the Microsoft Research Labs gave us this amazing venue for Boston Product Management professionals to learn, to teach, to network and just simply enjoy each other’s company. Check out the Flickr group to see pictures. The organizers led by C Todd Lombardo did an amazing job with the event and I am grateful for all their hard work.

I figured I should note down the books, tools and links that were flying around during the event for posterity sake.

Post from Cooper Journal: Designing time to think

12.11.08 Posted in General, UI by

I selected the part of the original post that I consider more relevant to everyone rather than the latter part which is more relevant to me as an interaction designer. An insightful post and I should at least attempt to listen to the talk that sparked this blog post. I’m not good with listening to […]

Interaction Designer or Dictator?

12.01.08 Posted in UI by

I hate ‘speak to me’ phone menus. Numbers and buttons are accurate and FAST. how long does it take to push a button? how long does it take to say ‘check my balance’? 3 more reasons why voice menus don’t work. 1. I have no privacy. I have to say it out LOUD into the […]

Link of the moment : Webware – Google revamps Street View interface

11.29.08 Posted in Technology, UI by Street View’s split screen, when it’s working. (Credit: Google)

Tool Box : Balsamiq — post by Perfect Tuna

11.21.08 Posted in Tool, UI by

I tried out this tool after reading Samantha LeVan’s post.  It’s super fast and all the alignment just happens. $79 is totally worth the money.  I plan to write my own review post on the tool soon. I’m always looking for new ways to sketch and wireframe my GUI ideas, searching for something quicker than […]

Netflix listens.

06.30.08 Posted in UI by

About 2 weeks ago, Netflix announced they were getting rid of user profiles. They said the reason was to make the site more simple to use for everyone and they observed : Too many members found the feature difficult to understand and cumbersome I had my account set up with 2 profiles for a while […]

Call-Your-Kids Search

06.01.08 Posted in UI by

The people who need human-powered help aren’t people like me, they’re people like my mom.

If Mahalo could get their name out as the site where you send your parents when they want to get a copy of their credit report without getting hit with $75 of nearly-fraudulent charges, they would get dozens and dozens of older eyeballs.

Algorithm to generate tag clouds

05.12.08 Posted in UI by

I was talking to a friend who’s trying to figure out a formula for generating tag cloud. The purpose of a tag cloud is to convey the extent of relevance of a tag among all other tags being used. Trying to display the frequency of tags sounds easy but there are different issues for different […]

Trulia Hindsight : Time lapsed map of residential development

05.04.08 Posted in UI by

Trulia has this tool called Hindsight that lets you enter an address and watch how that area develops over time since 1800s.