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Netflix listens.

06.30.08 Posted in UI by

About 2 weeks ago, Netflix announced they were getting rid of user profiles. They said the reason was to make the site more simple to use for everyone and they observed : Too many members found the feature difficult to understand and cumbersome I had my account set up with 2 profiles for a while […]

Algorithm to generate tag clouds

05.12.08 Posted in UI by

I was talking to a friend who’s trying to figure out a formula for generating tag cloud. The purpose of a tag cloud is to convey the extent of relevance of a tag among all other tags being used. Trying to display the frequency of tags sounds easy but there are different issues for different […]

Trulia Hindsight : Time lapsed map of residential development

05.04.08 Posted in UI by

Trulia has this tool called Hindsight that lets you enter an address and watch how that area develops over time since 1800s.