Who am I?

UI Designer : That’s what I do for a living. People say you’re lucky when you get to do what you love for a living and people pay you for it. So I’m very lucky!!

HGTV addict :  Maybe less so these days. But I get cable to have HGTV mostly.

Industrial design hobbyist : I fawn over elegant industrial designs where engineering meets design and usability.

Inquisitor of cool things : I won’t say I am a cool hunter but I do like to spot the trends before they become trends, some of them are tech startups.

Collector of useful tools : In my tool bag as a UI designer for web applications and as a 20 something knowledge worker in high tech industry, I  collect useful digital tools (mostly web apps that make my life easier). I am known for knowing just the right set of tools for what people need to get done.

Short Bio:

I was born and raised in Burma. I wasn’t technically a geek but I love Math and Science and started programming when I was in middle school. Then I got up and came to US for my undergrad education. Then, I stick around Boston despite its cold weather.

I have a Computer Science degree from MIT but I discovered my creative side while working as an IT consultant for Sapient. That led me to land a job as a UI Designer at Cisco WebEx. Then I went to Mzinga and that’s where I got my social media savvy.

A  litte while after that, I was at Choicestream and wrestled with Ruby on Rails and designed some interfaces that would have been so innovative if they ever got built. Then I moved on to Carbonite and it was where I got to learn what it means to design with metrics driven goals.

Now, I am helping out with Baydin Software to make email more productive and fun! I’ve never designed something that creates emotional connection with users. It’s going to be a great challenge! On the side, I help out with tiny startups with their usability testing and design projects.

If you want to talk about something, contact me by email : moah at thinkstick dot net.