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  • Post from Cooper Journal: Designing time to think

    I selected the part of the original post that I consider more relevant to everyone rather than the latter part which is more relevant to me as an interaction designer. An insightful post and I should at least attempt to listen to the talk that sparked this blog post. I’m not good with listening to […]

  • Tyler Cohen's take on time management

    Tyler Cohen has smart things to say about time management and he summed it up in one sentence. At first reading, I didn’t quite get it. But after reading it again, I got it. If you are not managing your time well and wasting time, that is because you are doing what you want to […]

  • Link of the moment : Seth Godin's The making chasm

    Since I am one of the people who fits into the category ofร‚ย  ‘wish to experience a lot of things but too lazy to do anything.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Product Lust: Incipio's New Case

    People keep telling me I need a case for my iPhone. I probably should but I haven’t. And the second one is showing some cracks AGAIN.ร‚ย  So the question is should I get this? And no, I don’t put my phone intoร‚ย  rear jean pockets. Found on GeekSugar The Incipio Feather iPhone Case ($20) might […]