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  • Chrome on Mac with Shareholic & Zemanta

    As I was exploring extensions on Chrome, I foud two new services that will restart my blogging. Being a collector of any tools that make my productivity increase, I am hoping these two extensions will enable me to blog easily and enhance my content. Image via CrunchBase Shareholic is a tool for people who are […]

  • Recap from Product Camp Boston

    With some randomness and last minute luck, I made it out to Product Camp Boston on Feb 28. The gracious hosts at the Microsoft Research Labs gave us this amazing venue for Boston Product Management professionals to learn, to teach, to network and just simply enjoy each other’s company. Check out the Flickr group to see pictures. The organizers led by C Todd Lombardo did an amazing job with the event and I am grateful for all their hard work. I figured I should note down the books, tools and links that were flying around during the event for posterity sake.

  • Tool Box : Balsamiq — post by Perfect Tuna

    I tried out this tool after reading Samantha LeVan’s post.ร‚ย  It’s super fast and all the alignment just happens. $79 is totally worth the money.ร‚ย  I plan to write my own review post on the tool soon. I’m always looking for new ways to sketch and wireframe my GUI ideas, searching for something quicker than […]

  • Tool Box: Webware – Feed Rinse

    This Webware coverage ofร‚ย  Feed Rinse caught my ever searching eyes for the best tools to improve my digital life. Google Reader is a huge part of my digital life and tools that will make it even more useful are at the top of my list. Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Feed Rinse is […]